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Welcome to The Neil Peart Drummer Fan Site!

Our Neil Peart Fan site is dedicated to the great drummer Neil Peart and the history of the drums he played. We have an extensive collection of Neil Peart history and want to feature it all here.

This web site has catalog photos, articles and other unique history about the drums and the drummer! Everyone wants to learn more about the Slingerland Snare that Neil used early in his career and which model it was.

We have pictures of the original Slingerland drum kit that Neil played on from 1974-1977. These were taken at the 2010 Chicago Drum Show.

The kit was part of a Neil Peart drum display and we were fortunate to not only have our Vintage Slingerland booth next to this display, but we even had the chance to step around behind the kit, takes some pics, video and even play a little on it!

If you are a Neil Peart fan and want to share any stories or have your Neil Peart drums featured, then please let us know.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to making this the best Neil Peart Fan site on the Internet!

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This web site is not the official Neil Peart Fan Site and not directly connected to Neil Peart. It is a site dedicated to Neil Peart and all of the drums he played. We will feature Neil Peart drums and catalog shots of the different sets he played throughout his career. There are a ton of Neil Peart fans and we want to feature other Neil Peart web sites and Neil Peart History.

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