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Links and resources for Neil Peart:
 Neil's Drum Equipment....Companies Past & Present
   Slingerland Drums        Sabian Cymbals
   Tama Drums        Wuhan Cymbals
   Ludwig Drums        Zildjian Cymbals
   DW Drums        Pro-Mark Sticks
   Simmons Drums        malletKAT Percussion
   Roland Drums         Remo Drum Heads
 Neil Peart Web Sites, Tribute Bands and Fan Sites
   Official Website of Neil Peart         Neil Peart Drumsticks
   Neil Peart - My Space Page         Setting Up Neil's Drum Set
   Neil Peart - Facebook Fan Page         Neil Peart - IMDB
   Neil Peart - Bubba's BNG         Rush Official Website
   TMT - Steampunk Cymbals         Neil Peart Drumkit Restoration
   Neil Peart Tama Set Pics         Neil Peart Drumsets
    Neil Peart Drum Sounds         Neil Peart - YYZ Animation Video
    Erik Larson - Fan Page        NP Kit - Snakes & Arrows
    Rush Tribute - Animation         Rush Tribute - Triology
    Rush TMT Concert Images         Rush Cygnus
    Tour Archives         Rush Forum

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This web site is not the official Neil Peart Fan Site and not directly connected to Neil Peart. It is a site dedicated to Neil Peart and all of the drums he played. We will feature Neil Peart drums and catalog shots of the different sets he played throughout his career. There are a ton of Neil Peart fans and we want to feature other Neil Peart web sites and Neil Peart History.

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