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Links and resources for Sonor Drums:
 Sonor Drum Links
     Sonor Drum Artists & Endorsers
   Sonor Drum Set - SQ2        Sonor Artists Page
   Sonor Drum Set - Delite        - Richard Bailey (Incognito)
   Sonor Drum Set - S Classix        - Mick Brown (Dokken)
   Sonor Drum Set - Force        - Chris Coleman (Session)
   Sonor Snare Drums        - Rene' Creemers (Session)
   Sonor Hardware        - Dan Leali (Poi Dog Pondering)
   Sonor Accessories        - Vinnie Lammi (Melanie C.)
   Sonor Marching Percussion        - Rick Lonow (Dixie Chicks)
   Sonor Concert Percussion        - Sammy Merendino (Cyndi Lauper)
         - John Miceli (Meat Loaf)
 Sonor Research        - Phil Rudd (AC/DC)
   Vintage Finishes Guide        - Christoph Schneider (Rammstein)
   Drum Badge Guide        - Nat Scott (Engelbert Humperdink)
   Vintage Sonor Drumsets        - Steve Smith (Vital Info., Journey)
   Vintage Sonor Snare Drums        - Henry Spinetti (Katie Melua)
   Vintage Sonor Hardware        - Jeff "Train" Watts (Branford Marsalis)
   Sonor Drum History        - Larry Zack (Jackson Browne)



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This web site is not affiliated with the Sonor Drum Company. The web site is devoted to Sonor Drum history and Sonor snare drums and drum sets. Sonor has a long history in the drum business. We have a lot of Sonor history and it is featured on our vintage drum guide web site. If you have a Sonor drum question ask The Drum Experts.

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