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A web site about Ringo Starr, his Ludwig Drums and his life!

Welcome to a Ringo Starr Fan site!

Hello Ringo Fans! Thank you for visiting and supporting this web site and Ringo Starr! We want to promote his drumming and history as a drummer in a unique way.

There are great sites that offer the fine minutia of his Ludwig BOP drums and his gear. There are also great sites about his music and career as a drummer.

We want to compile all of these great Ringo resources and also display some memorabilia and history that is unique to drummers and the drum business.

We will take a look at the catalogs from the time Ringo started using Ludwig Drums and the drums as they were displayed in the catalogs.

The OBP (Oyster Black Pearl) finish that he made famous was around many years prior to him being on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Please check back for new Ringo updates and also new site information about Ringo Starr.


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Ringo Starr Fan site is devoted to Ringo and his drumming career. We have a lot of Ringo history and Ludwig drum history to include on this web site. Ringo and Ludwig have a long history together and we look forward to gathering our Ludwig history and offering it to all of the Ringo Fans out there! If you are looking for the Ringo Starr web site click here.

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