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Pre-International Premier Drum Heads - Metric Sizes Drum Shells

If you found this page and you are trying to find out why regular heads do not fit on your Premier Drums then we can help. Prior to the late 60's there were no standard drum sizes on an International level. So Premier drums can be undersized or oversized depending on the drum.

After around ? - 1968 is when a standard shell sizes were made in inches. I have read as early as 1965 and as late as 1968.

You will probably not find original Premier drum heads that will fit and if you do they will still be old and in most cases expensive.

Fortunately Remo provides two types of heads that will fit the pre-International drums. Coated Embassador and Pin Stripe. These would need to be ordered through a dealer or your local drum shop.

Here is the part number for the 12" Coated Ambassador heads. (PR = Premier) Heads are made for 10 - 12 - 16 and 20" drums. For the other sizes substitute the size in the part number.

Remo Part Number BA - 0112-PR

I double checked with Remo about these heads and here is the response from Remo.

"We do still make the Premier Metric Heads. They are not standard stock items for most Remo Dealers but they are available and a special order will most likely be required. If you need any further assistance ordering these drumheads please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 800-525-5134"


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