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Ludwig Drum Company History - Information

All of the links listed below have extensive articles and Ludwig Drum History. These links will take you to another TDE web site on the network of sites. We also have a vintage drum guide with the largest collection of Ludwig History on the Internet. So if you are a fan of Ludwig Drums then you have found the right place.

We are also the curators of of the Ludwig Family Collection and have the complete family archives of history yet to be added to the web sites. So please check back often and email us any questions you might have.

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Theobald Ludwig
Black Beauty Snare Drum
Supraphonic Snare Drum
Acrolite Snare Drum
Super Sensitive Snare Drum
Ludwig Drum History
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This web site is not affiliated with the estate of John Bonham and is not connected to the Bonham family. It is purely a fan site about the drums John Bonham played and the history around them. We have an extensive Ludwig collection of catalogs and history about the drums John Bonham used. As we add the history here we will also include fan pages for other drummers that collect John Bonham drums and memorabilia.

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