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John Bonham Fan Web Site - Learn about John Bonham and Ludwig Drums

Welcome to The John Bonham Fan Site!

We are drummers that want to keep the history and memory of John Bonham and his Ludwig Drums alive! We have an extensive collection of Ludwig catalogs and Ludwig Drum history and want to feature that history on this web site.

There are also a ton of John Bonham fans and we want to feature their collections and John Bonham memorabilia in a special gallery section of the web site.

John played Ludwig Drums including Ludwig Amber Vistalites, Ludwig Stainless Steel Drums and Ludwig Green Sparkle Drums. We will show catalog shots of each of these configurations as well as other John Bonham history we have in our own personal collections.

If you are a John Bonham fan and want to contribute to the web site, please feel free to email us!

Thanks for visiting and keep checking back for more history and information about John Bonham.

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This web site is not affiliated with the estate of John Bonham and is not connected to the Bonham family. It is purely a fan site about the drums John Bonham played and the history around them. We have an extensive Ludwig collection of catalogs and history about the drums John Bonham used. As we add the history here we will also include fan pages for other drummers that collect John Bonham drums and memorabilia.

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