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The Drum Experts and the Vintage Drum Guide both sponsored the 2010 Slingerland Photo History Booth. We had leading experts on Slingerland working the booth with us. The booth created some great buzz with former employees of Slingerland and at one point, 3 former employees (including Tom Osborne) and our expert DrCJW were swapping history and great stories.

2010 Slingerland Photo History Booth at The Chicago Drum Show

Booth Set-up - Time Lapse

We wanted to show everyone how the booth went up before show day. We had already tested the set up two weeks prior to the show. The booth needed to be staged and ready since the history and drums on display all had a specific points in history. It was a time consuming process and the booth even had fur coats to match Slingerland catalog pages!

Slingerland History Photo Booth - Our own booth

These are photos of the booth after it was set up and ready for viewing on Saturday. We also had special slingerland drums on loan that were added to the booth.

Chicago Drum Show Booth Photos - Group 1 - Walking the floor at the show

Chicago Drum Show Booth Photos - Group 2 - Walking the floor at the show

Chicago Drum Show Booth Photos - Group 3 - Walking the floor at the show

Chicago Drum Show Booth Photos - Group 4 - Walking the floor at the show (Olimpass)


Chicago Drum Show - Neil Peart Drum Set Photos

It was ironic that this booth was next to ours because after the kit was purchased on eBay, the person in charge of restoring the drums contacted The Vintage Drum Guide for Slingerland history.

See some video Click Here


Chicago Drum Show - Purdue Bass Drum

We talked to the crew about their drum because we have some history about it in our collection. When we can gather it, we will add it to the page.


Chicago Drum Show - Photos with guests

Nothing like hanging out with pro drummers! Many of which have played Slingerland.


Chicago Drum Show - Video highlights from the show

Check out some video highlights from this year's show. Take a tour of the show or watch some of this year's great drummers in action!




[Check Out More Videos]


Check out the 2011 show here.

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