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Welcome to The Buddy Rich Fan Site!

We are fans of Buddy Rich and this web site is all about the history of Buddy Rich. We are not the official Buddy Site, that is run by his daughter Cathy Rich and you can visit that web site by clicking here.

This fan site is more about the drums he played and the extensive catalogs we have that feature his drums. We have some great history about these drums and a very unique timeline of his endorsements by a Buddy expert.

The collection also includes the Buddy Rich labeled drum sticks that companies made when he was endorsing their drums. Each stick has a catalog photo and the actual sticks that were being sold.

We also have a wonderful collection of snare drums that he played throughout his career and the history around each drum and the years that he played them.

Please check back often and as we add new content we will make sure it is linked from the home page.

- Buddy Rich Fans


Buddy Rich LP Records

Buddy Rich Snare Drums

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The Buddy Rich Fan Site is not affiliated with the estate of Buddy Rich and the official web site. We are here to support Buddy Rich and the history by linking to Buddy Rich resources and providing history from our own collections. We have an extensive collection of Buddy Rich history and resources about the drums he played and the history behind them. We will also be featuring other collectors and the Buddy Rich collections they have.

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